PPL Electric –  1 (800) 342-5775 Customer Service


UGI Utilities –  800-276-2722 Customer Service


Xfinity – can provide cable television, internet, and phone service in most of the township. 1-800-934-6489


Newmanstown Water Authority – provides public water to the majority of the Village of Newmanstown with the exception of N. Sheridan Rd. residents. (610)589-1754

Womelsdorf-Robesonia Joint Authority – provides public water to those along N. Sheridan Rd. (610)589-2740

The remainder of the Township residents with on-lot water and sewer.


Millcreek-Richland Joint Authority – provides public sewer to the majority of the Village of Newmanstown.  (717) 866-5938


Residents have their choice of refuse collection companies. A list is available on our Township website with the names, numbers, and addresses of each company. The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority also maintains a list of haulers. The Township at this time is not mandated to have a recycling program, however, the GLRA offers many recycling options. Feel free to visit their website or call (717) 867-5790.  Also, some of the refuse companies provide recycling of some sort, please check with them if you wish to recycle.


The Municipal Real Estate tax statements, which include Hydrant and Street Light, where applicable, are printed by Lebanon County Treasurers Office and collected by the Township Tax Collector, Wendy Hertzog, (610)589-2483    Municipal taxes are received on March 1. Taxes are payable at a 2% discount until April 30, at face value until June 30, and at an additional 10% penalty added on July 1. Unpaid Real Estate taxes as of the first of January of the following year are filed at the County Tax Claim Bureau for collection with any additional penalties and costs. Earned Income Tax are collected by Keystone Collection Agency and Local Services Taxes (LST) are collected by The Township Treasurer.  NOTE: Anyone who deals with a mortgage company that pays real estate taxes directly, please be aware that your company may not pay Local Services Tax or Street Light Taxes.


Township 1.33 mils
Hydrant tax 0.05 mils
County (2022) 3.8925 mils.
Earned Income – (Shared .5% -Twp. & .5% School) 1%
Street Light Tax –  developed (per foot) $0.63
Street Light Tax – undeveloped (per foot) $0.15
Per Capita Tax $5.00
Local Services Tax $52.00


Richland Community Library , 111 E. Main St, Richland  PA provides a vast variety of programs to Millcreek Township and Richland Borough residents.


Polling Place:
Living Stones Christian Fellowship
229 E Main St.,
Newmanstown, PA  17073

Other voting information or questions, please contact Lebanon County Voter Registration at

Bureau of Elections and Voter Registration
Room 209, Municipal Building
400 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794

Phone Number:                              Fax Number:                        General E-mail:
(717) 228-4428                                 (717) 675-2​669           


>> Click here to view all forms & applications <<



  • Secretary/Treasurer – Lorie Kupp (610) 589-4750
  • Road Foreman – Ryan Risser (610) 589-2453
  • Police Chief – Brian Hostetter (610) 589-4066
  • Building Permits – Lebanon Co. Planning Dept. (717) 228-4444
  • Tax Collector – Wendy Hertzog (610) 589-2483


Lebanon County Planning Dept. is the township’s designated building and zoning official.  If you have

any questions or are applying for a building permit please contact them to set up an appointment.

Zoning Officer:

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday – 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Mailing Address:
Lebanon County Planning Dept.
Room 206, Municipal Building
400 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794

Phone Number:
(717) 228-4444


Insert zoning ordinance and map

Insert Private Street Ordinance –

Subdivision/Land Development – Millcreek Township does not have our own ordinance, therefore please consult Lebanon County’s ordinance and procedures:

The Township does not approve Subdivision plans, but does review and sign the plans after notification for Lebanon County Planning Department that all the standard information and application requirements have been satisfied and merits review by the Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.