Community Links

Call 2-1-1 to receive free, 4/7, non-emergency health and human service information in Lebanon County from a live call specialist.
Sponsored by United Way of Lebanon County

The Federal Government has established a Fraud Hot Line for citizens to report any cases of fraud or suspected fraud. If you received a phone call, letter or other means of suspected fraud communications you may call…Fraud Hot Line 1-855-303-9470

Local Government:

*Keystone Collections Group

*Lebanon County

*Lebanon County Conservation District

*Lebanon County Flood Plain Maps

*Know Your Tax Area and Rate

State Government:

*Dept. of Community and Economic Development

*Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources

*Dept. of Environmental Protection

*Dept. of Labor & Industry

*PA. Dept. of Agriculture

*PA. Dept. of Transportation District 8-0

*PA Emergency Management Agency

*PA Homeland Security

*PA West Nile Virus Program

*PA General Assembly

*PA Resources Council

*PA State Website

*Dept. of Drug and Alcohol Programs

*Representative Russ Diamond

Federal Government:

*Dept. of Health and Human Services

*Environmental Protection Agency

*Internal Revenue Service

*Social Security Administration

*US Census Bureau

*United States Congress

*USDA-Avian Influenza

*National Flood Insurance Program


*Eastern Lebanon County School District

*Eastern Lebanon County Intermediate School

*Fort Zeller Elementary School

* American Red Cross

*Lebanon Count Historical Society

*Lebanon County Humane Society

* PA. State Police